Project Phase

Project Phase Timelines ( 3 Weeks )

Requirements to Advance to Certification Phase

Associate Android Developer:

  • Complete your project: Add Implicit and Explicit Intents to an Android Candy Store App.

Associate Cloud Engineer:

  • Complete 100% of Qwiklabs associated with the “Architecting with Google Compute Engine” learning path (must be complete on both Qwiklabs and Pluralsight)

NOTE: Only 1,000 learners will be advancing to Certification Phase, we therefore highly encourage you to attempt to finish all the requirements.

How do I access Learning Content?

Please find direct links to Projects below;

Associate Android Developer :

Project Link -

Associate Cloud Engineer:

Project Link -

How do I access Andela Learning Community Support?

Join the community space here if you haven't joined - Click here to join. Emails and Community space will serve as the primary means of communication.

Guide on how to join your Peer Learning group -

Having any issues or concerns?

Raise a ticket at - Use Submit a ticket link on the Navigation Bar

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