Top 11 - 20

11. Smart Blood Bank - (

One centralized system that can put up information required by people in need of blood with urgency; This one centralized system will save a lot of lives and help people be aware of their capability of saving lives.

Presented By -- Ayoub Mokeddem

12. Birth Spacing - (

The application will be responsible for highlighting different family planning methods, and their advantages toward selection based on people's interest in other to reduce wanted pregnancy.

Presented by -- Muhammad Dini Ibrahim

13. Wellness City - (

An application that provides users with health tips/advice, Dietary guidelines, Health Condition check and possible measures, Covid19 symptoms and prevention tips, and more to come.

Presented by -- Loveth Nwokike

HealthLance is a web application built to help individuals cut down or stop the abuse of alcohol, drugs, and addictive (psychoactive) substances. HealthLance is designed to determine an individual's level of alcohol, drugs.

Presented by -- Josiah Arkson

15. Where There Is No Doctor - (

Android App to make such critical information accessible and available during emergency medical times within most of the African villages. Essentially the App will function as a First-Aid app

Presented by -- Muyideen Adeyemi Bello

16. Medical Supplies Delivery - (

An online marketplace that specializes in medical supplies and equipment. Medical supplies and equipment were primarily bought from local salespeople and company representatives going door-to-door.

Presented by -- Lumbert Omwaga

The project is inspired by the need to translate the Kenyan local languages to internationally recognized languages such as English, French, and Spanish.

Presented by -- Wilson Owino Ochieng

A simple app that provides trusted information and aggregate both local and international information, news, and statistics data on the covid19 pandemic

Presented by -- Oiku Thaddeus Oseghale

An app that provides student lessons and quizzes base on the subjects and curriculum taught in Secondary Schools in Nigeria away from physical classrooms. Succor would provide past WAEC and JAMB questions.

Presented by -- Ngene Michael

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