Participation Guide


1. Join your team on slack

2. Introduce Yourself

  • Your GADS Track, Your Strengths, Preferred stack

3. Team Meeting 01

The team lead will set up your first meeting on google meet

Meeting Agenda

Ideate/Brainstorm on what you will work on (Project Name & Details)

Create a roadmap of tasks on Github projects, Indicate;

  • Tasks

  • Timelines

  • Individuals responsible

Share details on your project here -

Tools, Environments & Setup


Make use of the following for collaboration with your colleagues

🔵 Community Space

Will be used as the main means of communication, go ahead and introduce yourself to your teammates.

🔵 Technical Team Lead (TTL)

Your team has been assigned a TTL, collaborate to formulate a project and give it a name. That name will also be the name of your repo.

🔵 Project Development

Collaborate with your teammates to break down your project’s development into roles. Like you have a TTL, what roles will the others play E.g UI/UX?

🔵 Project Features

Collaborate with your teammates to break down your project’s features into 4 milestones then divide it into 2-week-long sprints. You will have 30 days to work on the project hence 2 sprints.

Project Management walk-through

Team projects are managed with a roadmap on GitHub Projects which automates workflow and moves assigned tasks from the project’s TODO list all the way to DONE as the team works. DONE tasks are features, bug fixes or chores that have been tested, reviewed ready for production

*️ Open an Issue

*️ Move it To Do

*️ In Progress

*️ Done

Delivery Management

✔️ Using Git & Github, work is done on feature branches which are created from the develop branch, not the master branch.

✔️ Commit messages must be semantic and adhere to the conventional commits spec.

✔️ A minimum of 3 reviewers (2 team members + the TTL) are required to review & approve a PR before it can be merged back into the develop branch.

✔️ Only the TTL can merge code from feature branches into the develop, and from develop to master branches.

✔️ This is the Gitflow Workflow process and forms the base of streamlined delivery

✔️ The develop branch represents a work-in-progress view of the product and is deployed to a staging server for end-of-sprint demos and engagement. E.g

✔️ The master branch represents a bug-free, working version of the product, deployed to a production environment at specific checkpoints of the roadmap, i.e mid-way into and at the end of the innovation stage. E.g

Product Delivery & Reporting

✳️ Ideation : WEEK 1 (1ST OCT - 7TH OCT)

✳️ Progress Reporting : WEEK 2 (8TH OCT - 15TH OCT)

  • Weekly Check-in - Your Team lead will schedule a weekly check-in with your mentor for progress reporting.

  • Share your Week 2 progress here:

✳️ Progress Reporting : WEEK 3 (16TH OCT - 23RD OCT)

  • Weekly Check-in, Your Team lead will schedule a weekly check-in with your mentor for progress reporting.

  • Share your Week 3 progress here:

✳️ Final Reporting : WEEK 4 (24TH OCT - 30TH OCT)

Individual Participation

*️ All of the above listed items apply to individual participants

  • An individual participant will take ownership of their project and report on their progress.

*️ Mentorship

  • You will be assigned a team on mentors and Program Assistants who will be readily available to support you on slack.

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