Not to worry, we will be re-opening the form and will let you know so you can indicate i interest and we can, in turn, share the code with you.

Can I choose to opt-out should I not want to take the exam anymore?

Please send an email to gads@andela.com

Is it mandatory to redeem the voucher this month?

Redeem the voucher ASAP because you will be able to book the exam on the date of your choice.

If you fail at the first attempt are you allowed to try again?

After you receive your results, if you did not pass the exam, you may retake it in the following manner:

  1. If you don't pass on your first attempt, you must wait 14 days before you take the exam again.

  2. If you do not pass your second attempt, you must wait two months before you take the exam again.

  3. If after three attempts you still have not passed the exam, you must wait one year before you take the exam again. Payment is required each time you take an exam.

Will I write the exam in java, Kotlin or both?

The exam is available in both Java and Kotlin. You may choose which programming language when you are ready to take the exam

Which programming language should I choose?

The language you choose will not affect your ability to pass other than your competency in it. So choose the language you are most comfortable with.

What is the nature of the exam?

100 project-based. You will be given resources as well as tasks to complete.

Will I be required to build an application from scratch?

You will be given an application that is about 25% and will be required to complete tasks related to the topics in the study guide.

Is it compulsory to have a steady internet connection from the start of the exam to the end?

It is not necessarily a requirement as you can work offline. But you will require an internet connection to start and submit your exam and to take the exit interview.

If my laptop goes off for a few minutes, would my exam submit automatically?

Your exam will automatically submit only after 8 hours have elapsed. Not before.

Will the time be stopped if my system disconnects?


Will I fail if my exam is not successfully submitted?

You will fail if the automatic submission attempt is unsuccessful after the 8 hours has elapsed.

Do I need an ID to redeem my voucher?

Yes. There is an identity verification step that requires a picture of your ID or passport.

Do I need a webcam to redeem my voucher?

Yes. There is an identity verification step that requires a selfie.

What do I do if I am stuck for on the verification process?

Send an email to support@trueability.com for assistance.

Is the Google Certification Exam plugin for Android Studio required to be installed before the exam can be taken?

Yes you will not be able to start the exam without it. The plugin takes over your android studio in order to submit your exam.

Hello all, can I use my android phone for the exit interview?

Yes. You can also connect your phone's camera to your system using third-party software.

Is copy and pasting allowed during the exam?

Yes, you may use code snippets i.e StackOverflow etc.

What can I expect from the live interview?

You will be asked a question at a time by a bot. Questions will be a mix of general topics related to android, some will be related to the exam.

When should I take the live (exit) interview?

You can schedule the live interview anytime after within 7 days you have completed the exam.

How long is the grading process?

45 days.

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