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TakeFi takes the geolocation of a user and simply works as a repository of nearby WiFi information. On one side, people can add their WiFi and when someone near sees it, they can plug in the WiFi name and pass to use the internet.

Presented by -- Mouhsin Bour Qaiba

22. Work24

Work24 is a digital mobile solution focused on solving challenges in unemployment and remote work as Work24 provides a platform where there can be buyers and sellers in various categories

Presented by -- Attah Emmanuel Egbunu

Medlink is a platform where users can search for specialist hospitals and pharmacies around them or in any location, providing full details about the center. It was inspired to help find specialist hospitals/pharmacies around easily

Presented by -- Mohammed Ibrahim

24. ShiftAm

Emergency healthcare is mostly inaccessible to most citizens across Africa. This is due to distant hospitals. ShiftAm seeks to alleviate these challenges by facilitating quick access to hospitals and encouraging patients to schedule quick appointments.

Presented by -- Daniel Kibet Namanga

25. Optimize

The project aims to collect data about where patients with particular ailments go to get treated in order to optimize service at those points to alleviate the health system.

Presented by -- Barbara Apili Ojur

26. Online Health Support System

The project is about a health system that will aid people to easily meet health support online, saving the stress of waiting in hospital queues or booking an appointment which can take days.

Presented by -- Allahya Kwada

27. EduShare

The app will be a simple academic sharing app to help people gain and share knowledge on various topics that are part of their learning or teaching. The app will be a universal hub with academic content that is relevant to both learners and teachers alike.

Presented by -- Anthony Ngugi


The WAKALA App is designed to assist money mobile agents (WAKALA) in keeping data records of the transactions both for withdrawing and depositing. It fixes the problem of the manual system of keeping records of withdrawing and depositing money.

Presented by -- Ramadhani Abduli

29. HdarTalk

It's a mental health application that will pursue the mental mood of an individual through the week with an intimate journal to write how you feel.

Presented by -- Ayoub Berdeddouch

30. GeniuneKicks

The average moderately active person takes around 7,500 steps/day. The purpose of genuineKicks, is the bridge to which people find the right type of shoes for themselves at an affordable prize with ease.

Presented by -- Firdaus Abdul-Kareem

31. Teacher Trainee

Efficient training for online learning for education students through online micro-teaching.

Presented by -- Otieno Stephen

32. ACT TB

Tracking patients per visit days. The app can be used for a clinic that has two patients visits (7 days and 28 days).

Presented by -- Mathews Divala

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